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About us

GNU Kahvesi is an independent, Istanbul-based software company specialising in the automation of everyday business processes through the design, implementation and everyday use of public and private web applications.

Don't hesitate to contact us to see how we can make web browsers work for you.

About our name

We chose the name GNU Kahvesi to highlight our commitment to open standards and the freedom-respecting software that we use.  In the past, it would have been difficult for a software company like ours to make such a commitment, but today freedom-respecting server-side  software outperforms proprietary alternatives in almost every area and capacity.  In other words, our commitment to freedom-respecting software is no longer a tacit admission that there may be weak links in our tool chain.  It is the opposite - a confident assertion that the tools we use are among the best, most reliable, thoroughly tried and tested tools available.

Freedom Respecting Software

 Our preferencePopular alternatives
Operating systemDebian GNU/LinuxFreeBSD
Database serverPostgreSQLMySQL
Email serverEximPostfix
Web serverLigHTTPDApache
Scripting LanguageSteel Bank Common LispPHP